Wednesday, December 28, 2011

@ 36 weeks

Just another 24 days to go or maybe sooner or later, that we can finally meet the Baby. I hope and pray so hard that it will turns out smooth for the delivery. Baby seems to be in a very good condition after we went for a check up this morning. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for everything.

It's also been a great year for me and Muizz, we have reached being one year as husband & wife on 25th of December. Hope for many more to come and being blessed for eternally, Inshaa Allah. Life's been so far so good, and I'm content with what I have right now, even not much or that impressive yet but Alhamdulillah, life is good for me & hubs.

It's been a beautiful year also, that two of my best friends were also married. Fifie with Yassir on the 2nd of December, I'm really sorry that I couldn't be there Fifie for the Nikah & JB's reception. But my thoughts are with you and I'm really happy for that matter. But we attended her bertandang reception in Telok Panglima Garang and there she was standing beautifully besides her life partner. I'm having a joyride back and forth to that place, It's like going back to your hometown and it feels great.

And another bestie of mine is Pet with Zul that being solemnized on the 26th of December. Masya Allah it was a pretty and memorable wedding. She gets to realized her wedding dream by making it on their own creativity. All is good and I'm really sorry that I didn't help with the preparations and all, Thank god there was Neesa to help you along and I must say, you guys did a really pretty and stunning job. Many Thanks to Neesa as well.

Alhamdulillah, to both of you, hope you girls will be the happiest girl with the love of your life to live with now.
It's all good.


Monday, October 10, 2011

october datang lagi :)

I've always love this month of the year. I bet the closest to me knew why.  So a few updates I suppose would be good aye? This is what been happening to me and people around me in this few months.

We went to IOI Mall, Puchong. The new excitement is to find the baby's stuffs. But sadly, even the crib/cots mattress cover is that expensive. So we bought this receiving blanket because the design is cute :)
And some baby romper from FOS, muizz is the happiest man alive when he saw the skeleton romper. heheh

So yeah, this is me during my 25th weeks of being preggy. Sometimes I look good, sometimes I'm just a mess. Muizz was there to witness everything :D

Him with the new shirt that he hated at first. hehe My hubby is always confused I think.

Cam-whoring while waiting for Muizz to withdraw from the ATM, later being laughed because syok sendiri amik gambar.

And lastly, ahh the books. Perfecto! Thanks Bi mui!! :)